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10+ Ways To Instantly Make More Sales on Auto-Pilot Using TekMatix

10+ Ways To Instantly Make More Sales on Auto-Pilot Using TekMatix

September 06, 20232 min read

10+ Ways To Instantly Make More Sales on Auto-Pilot Using TekMatix

Click the video below to watch the full tutorial

  1. Instant SMS or voice message on new leads (391% increase in sales conversions if you contact a lead within the first 1 minute)

  • Use the ‘Fast 5’ recipe or make your own with a simple instant voice message and sms

  1. Automated nurture and upsell sequences

  • Welcome sequence

  • Ongoing nurture sequence

  1. FAQs Bots / Social Media Messenger Bots

  • Use the ‘FAQ Auto Reply’

To make a youtube rss feed, first put this link:
https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id= (your channel ID here)

Then your channel url after, like the one below:

  1. RSS based emails with your latest content auto-emailed monthly

  • Create a base email in builder with the RSS element in it. 

  • Go to campaigns and select RSS send, add your RSS URL and choose frequency

  1. Missed call Text back

  • Use the ‘Auto-missed call text back’ recipe

  1. Abandon cart follow ups

  • Instantly email or SMS somebody if they abandon half way through a purchase

  1. Automated sales outreach and sale call booking campaigns

  • Create a sales pipeline in customer journey

  • Create an email automation that sends out your proposal with a link to book a call and moves them along the pipeline

  • Create a workflow that keeps sending follow ups and reminders to book a call

  1. List segmentation and tagging for personalised emails

  • Use tags to create separate lists based on lead actions

  • Send emails to different ‘lists’

  1. Creating quiz-like surveys (which gives you diagnostics without them knowing)

  • Surveys have ‘conditional logic’ so people are passed through different question paths to a ‘result’ 

  1. Affiliate program

  • Get people to sell your stuff for you and pay them a commission 

  1. Social media scheduling to multiply your organic reach

  • Connect all of your social profiles and pre-schedule months of lead and sale generating content

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